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Maya helps bring your dreams to life. It’s a powerful 3D modelling, rendering, simulation and animation software for VFX artists, modellers, animators, and designers. Maya helps artists tell their story with one fast, creative toolset.

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What's possible with Maya

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Work with cutting edge dynamics including Fluids, Hair, Cloth and Particle Systems

With the deep adaptive fluid simulation, you’re able to simulate high level details just where you need them. Create hair and curve dynamics. Realistic deformable materials.

Build organic characters and architectural forms.

Using subdivision models, you’re able to create organic characters and architectural forms. Create and edit meshes using an intuitive toolset.

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Create stunning animations with unparalleled control over materials, dynamic movement, cameras and more.

With a time editor, reusable animation, camera sequencer, parallel rig evaluation and the Delta Mush deformer - you can create the most stunning animations with Maya.

Work with rigid and soft bodies to simulate collisions and dynamic systems

Bullet physics are possible to create realistic rigid and soft body simulations.

Maya proves perfect for exploring concepts that stretch further than what other types of software allow. It offers you more freedom in your work. This fosters innovation in design. Many use Maya to come up with new ideas before transferring their Maya models into other software. It is this freedom that has led to Maya gaining acceptance in the architectural sector. You can even download additional toolsets specific to the industry.

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What our Members are Saying

If you want to get ideas out of your brain and into 3D design, or even to 3D printing like me, this is the place to go.

We are excited to roll out this world-class training platform to our Australian and overseas offices.

This learning platform is world class. Our first and second-year students are now producing work previously only reserved for Masters-level students.

I really enjoyed the videos, they are so clear and easy to understand. So amazing to see what can be done with Rhino!

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