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ArchiStar Academy members all around the world are becoming the digital design guru in their office and architecting beautiful building designs.

They are leveraging the power of a new and revolutionary learning technique...a unique approach to digital design that is turning struggling digital designers into inspiring success stories.

There has never before been such a great opportunity for you to become an in-demand digital designer.

A recent salary survey by Bloomfield Tremayne shows that people with these exact skills earn at least $4,000 to $6,000 per year more than a regular architect.

The architecture and engineering industries are going through a huge change right now. Previously buildings were designed using 2D software packages and that was fine. Now clients are more sophisticated and they are demanding premium services like 3D models, photorealistic rendering and Virtual Reality walkthroughs.

Parametric design and programming for architects were fringe skills just a few years ago. Now these skills are not anymore a “nice to have”...but quickly becoming essential in top firms.

And the industry has been quite slow to make the move across.

In a recent Architecture and Design magazine Survey, respondents were asked to rate their firm’s skill level in different digital design skills. And here were their responses:

So we can see that there is a big lag in companies adopting the latest technologies. When asked what their biggest challenge was, the single biggest challenge was finding the time to learn new software and keeping up to date.

This is precisely why the opportunity is so good right now for you to be a Digital Design guru.

If you look at it from a client’s perspective, if they asked two firms to design them a new building…one completed the work in 2D, and another did a 3D model with Rendering and Virtual Reality…which one would you choose?

2D Project
3D Project

A Common Myth...

There is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to becoming the digital design guru in your office and creating photorealistic renders.

For starters, you may believe you don't need to learn digital design yourself because your company will just train you up.

It's a myth called the “hail mary” approach.

However, the truth is most companies prefer to hire digital designers who already have the skills. Good digital designers are few and far between. They are in high demand and are very expensive to hire.

And once you discard that mistaken belief, you may find that the popular myth of waiting to be trained up instead of upskilling yourself also falls by the wayside.


...people with these exact skills earn at least $4,000 to $6,000 per year more than a regular architect.

Source: Bloomfield Tremayne & P

What's Truly Holding You Back

If you want to know what’s truly holding you back from becoming the digital design guru in the office it’s this: Free YouTube videos

A big myth is that you can simply find free YouTube videos to learn digital design.

Think about it this way….Hunting down good free video tutorials is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! It can cause you to spend countless hours searching for good free tutorials, when the truth is that they are very few and far between...

One lecturer once told us that the only good video he could find on a certain topic was in Spanish!

If you are serious about working in a good company and designing great buildings, it’s time to invest in your own education.

Introducing ArchiStar Academy

ArchiStar Academy is an online learning platform with video courses, with expert chat, written summaries, regular skill testing and downloadable project files.

It’s like Netflix for Digital Design!

You can begin to get results in as little as one hour.

You can learn from any device - desktop, tablet or smartphone.

ArchiStar Academy was founded by Dr. Ben Coorey, who has a PhD in Architecture and is one of the world's leading experts in Digital Design.

He's regularly hired as a consultant by big firms and major universities to help with complex projects. His ArchiStar Academy online education platform has been called "the fastest way to learn digital design" and "world class"...

Dr. Ben’s vision is to empower the next generation of digital designers. Nothing makes him happier than seeing members take the training and then design amazing buildings.

Take a look at what our members are producing, hover the mouse over the images:

We Are Here to Support You

ArchiStar Academy includes expert chat and a great community.
Anytime you are stuck with a lesson, just ask us and we are there to chat with you and support you.

What you can learn at ArchiStar Academy?

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Take the Speedboat with our Rapid Learning Methodology

What sets ArchiStar Academy apart from the rest is our Rapid Learning Methodology. Rapid Learning Methodology is our unique process for teaching digital design in the shortest possible time. It means you can learn digital design programs in as little as one hour. It includes six main factors.

Live Export Chat

The first factor is Live Expert Chat. It means if you're ever stuck, you just ask our in house expert team and we will show you the way..

Micro Learning Lessons

Then you have Micro Learning Lessons. We know you don't have the time or patience to watch a boring 1 hour video. That's why our videos are an average of 5 minutes or less.

Regular Examination

Regular skill testing is another key factor. 93.6% of ArchiStar Academy members report they are confident to use their digital design skills after our courses. Regular testing of your understanding at each stage gives you a complete working knowledge.

Concise Hints and Tips

Combine this with concise hints and tips, online note taking plus video, audio and written exercises, and you have the perfect formula for Rapid Learning.

Online Note Taking

Take notes as you go along so you never forget key insights. Notes are collated and downloadable at any time.

Multiple Cognitive Learning Modalities

Everybody learns in their own unique way. That's why all lessons have a combination of audio, video, written and kinesthetic excercises for maximum engagement.

Imagine Rapid Learning Methodology as if it were a speedboat. You can take a small rubber boat out to sea and paddle along at your own pace towards the destination. Or you can take a speedboat with a supercharged engine and get there in record time.

ArchiStar's Rapid Learning Methodology is like taking a speedboat.

What our Members are Saying

This learning platform is world class. Our first and second-year students are now producing work previously only reserved for Masters-level students.

If you want to get ideas out of your brain and into 3D design, or even to 3D printing like me, this is the place to go.

I really enjoyed the videos, they are so clear and easy to understand. So amazing to see what can be done with Rhino!

We are excited to roll out this world-class training platform to our Australian and overseas offices.

Inside ArchiStar Academy

An ArchiStar ELITE Membership is a Great Deal

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Today marks your turning point, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you have a few more questions about ArchiStar Academy, We've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...

Not at fact, using ArchiStar Academy, you only need to have basic computer skills to get started. Everything is explained for you in a step by step process. And our team is always on standby with live expert chat to help you whenever you get stuck.
You will actually see results immediately in the first hour that you take your first course. It's a completely practical and hands on platform, so you are always working on relevant project files.
It's like Netflix for Digital Design. It is a complete online learning platform that gives you on-demand training. It includes courses for Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, Grasshopper, Dynamo, SketchUp, Adobe and much more. By following the short lessons, you’ll master Digital Design in no time. On top of that, you also get access to our expert chat, so you have all the support you need to virtually GUARANTEE your success.
Other programs on the market boast about how many hours of videos they have. But when we spoke to the industry, we found this is actually the OPPOSITE of what industry wanted. That’s why instead of spending 7 to 25 hours for a course, using ArchiStar Academy you can learn digital design software in as little as one hour. But also, more importantly, your retention is better because we leverage all of the learning modalities. You’ll be watching, listening, writing and implementing for maximum engagement.
You can see the current pricing on our pricing page. For context - To hire Dr. Ben for an in-person workshop costs $10,000 plus travel expenses and accommodation. And it’s a great investment. Many corporates and universities hire Dr Ben each year to deliver custom training and to consult on their most challenging projects. For most individuals, this price range is out of reach. So Dr. Ben created the ArchiStar Academy online training platform to be affordable for ALL digital designers, whether you’re a student, architect, engineer or construction professional. ArchiStar Academy is an affordable annual subscription that you can cancel at any time.
We’ve helped thousands of students go through the ArchiStar Academy platform in just the last 12 months, and have delivered over 100,000 lessons. And we receive emails telling us how the training has helped them in a huge way. From University lecturers like RMIT’s Chen Canhui, his students produced 1:1 wall structures in a short six week intensive : “We have been using the ArchiStar Academy training platform this year and we are delighted with the results our students are achieving. “Students were able to produce 1:1 Wall structures in a short six week Digital Fabrication intensive course. “With the expert chat feature, we no longer have to answer repetitive questions. We can now focus on helping students with more advanced topics” - Chen Canhui, RMIT And Corporates like Woods Bagot: "the best Rhino training available in Oz…" And students like Nariddh Khean who love the simplicity: “The highlight of the course was learning about recursions. I've never come across something so complex created from just so little. That was fascinating.” - Nariddh Khean And industry professionals like Oliver Hessian, who creates beautiful rendered interior designs.
An ArchiStar Academy membership gives you complete access to all our content for 12 months.
Yes it does. A membership gives you access to all our current courses including Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit, Dynamo, AutoCAD, Python, Maya, Fusion 360, Adobe CC and SketchUp.
Certainly! Contact our team through for the multiple user pricing.
We provide this option for our group memberships. Please contact us for more information.
Your annual subscription provides full access to our training courses. We have fantastic discounted rates on the software licenses and all of the software programs have at least a 30-day free trial for you to learn on.
Absolutely. Our expert chat is available on every lesson and we have a great team here ready to help you.
Every course has ready to go example project files so you can easily follow along.
The program is delivered over the internet through streaming online video and downloadable digital documents, available to you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. After ordering, you'll receive a password giving you INSTANT ACCESS to your special member's area - where you can begin going through the videos MINUTES from this very moment. It doesn't matter if you're in Australia, Europe, North America or an island in the Pacific. And it doesn't matter what time it is where you are right now. All you need is a connection to the internet - and you can start watching the videos on your computer, your iPad, your mobile phone instantly - wherever and whenever you'd like.

By clicking the button below right now, you'll receive instant access to ArchiStar Academy.

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And remember you have our rock-solid money back guarantee.

ArchiStar is used by the best companies and universities

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