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IDDA Members and Students flaunt their Digital Design Skills!

Member / Student Gallery

At IDDA, we work hard every day to provide the best training content so that our members can rapidly learn digital design skills.

We set out a task to all our members to submit their best design work that they have been able to achieve using any of the software that we teach in our online learning platform.

We received amazing work that utilised all sorts of software including Rhino, Revit, Grasshopper, Dynamo and AutoCAD and the projects demonstrate digital presentations, rendering, digitally fabricated laser cut models, furniture design, data driven designa and 3D printed objects.

We have gone through the submissions and have selected some of the best work. We are very proud of our members and excited to be a part of their learning process.

Enjoy the projects below:.

Oliver Hessian.jpg
Oliver Hessian_02.jpg
Project Credit: Oliver Hessian
RMIT Wall.jpg
Project Credit: RMIT - Digital Design Fabrication | Structural Orchestra v.2
Associate Professor Jane Burry with Canhui Chen, Dharman Gersch, Ronnie Lacham
Students: Ben Mohammed Sahadan, Lisa Malou Smits, Jason Ng Chi Kai, Jeff Soh Hui Xiang
Photographs: Marc Morel
Xavier-Junhua Lian_01.jpg
Xavier-Junhua Lian_02.jpg
Project Credit: Xavier-Junhua Lian
Adam Norris.jpg
Project Credit: Adam Norris
Alice de Groot_Chubby Chair_02.jpg
Project Credit: Alice de Groot
Ang Weddy_1400.jpg
Project Credit: Ang Weddy
Daniel Camacho_1400.jpg
Project Credit: Daniel Camacho
Harry Joe Kealy.jpg
Project Credit: Harry Joe Kealy
Hepeng Ouyang.jpg
Project Credit: Hepeng Ouyang
Manuel Muehlbauer.jpg
Project Credit: Manuel Muehlbauer
Mingyue Hu_1400.jpg
Project Credit: Mingyue Hu
Sky Lo Tian Tian_1400.jpg
Project Credit: Sky Lo Tian Tian
Vicente Huaripata Saldana.jpg
Project Credit: Vicente Huaripata Saldana
Yihan Zhang_01.jpg
Yihan Zhang_02.jpg
Project Credit: Yihan Zhang
Jack Dumanat.jpg
Project Credit: Jack Dumanat
Ying Wang.jpg
Project Credit: Ying Wang

Posted on 20 Jan 2020

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