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University Students digitally fabricate Full Scale
Structure prototypes in just six weeks using IDDA!

About RMIT and the MDIT (Masters in Design Innovation & Technology) Studio

We are excited to showcase one of our Universtiy Members RMIT and the amazing work they have been able to achieve with their students.

The MDIT Studio titled Structural Orchestra challenged students to use Echopanel as the material to develop an installation that investigates the possibilities of acoustic attenuation in space.

RMIT is one of the top Universities globally to study Architecture, ranked 33rd globally in the 2016 QS World University rankings.

From the outset the studio tasked the students to be prepared to construct their proposals, or a part of it, at full scale.

The students were introduced to IDDA to fast track learning their digital design skills as the studio was an intense short 6 week class.

Continue reading to find out more about the project.

Digital Fabrication Prototype Details

Protoype by: Awnili Shabnam, Jiashuai Wang, Shuchi Sharma, Prabhnoor Kaur, Rui Xue, Komal Lakhanpal, Mingfei Guo, Hu Li

IDDA Expert Support

As part of the IDDA Campus subscription, students have access to our Live Expert chat where they can ask questions to the IDDA team.

This helps to speed up learning and comprehension of new digital design software such as Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit, AutoCAD and Dynamo.

"With the live expert chat feature, we no longer have to answer repetitive questions. We can now focus on helping students with more advanced topics." - Chen Canhui, RMIT

Digital Fabrication Structural Wall Detail RMIT

The Results

"We have been using the IDDA training platform this year and we are delighted with the results our students are achieving.

Students were able to produce 1:1 Wall structures in a short six week Digital Fabrication intensive course." - Chen Canhui, RMIT

Project Gallery

Here are some more final images of the finished design project.

RMIT Fabrication Wall Details
RMIT Wall Details
Project Credit: RMIT - Digital Design Fabrication | Structural Orchestra v.2
Associate Professor Jane Burry with Canhui Chen, Dharman Gersch, Ronnie Lacham
Students: Ben Mohammed Sahadan, Lisa Malou Smits, Jason Ng Chi Kai, Jeff Soh Hui Xiang
Photographs: Marc Morel | Partner: Woven Image
For more information about the Masters in Design Innovation & Technology course at RMIT - click here.

Posted on 09 Oct 2023

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