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How Architects and Engineering firms
use IDDA to rapidly upskill staff

The Challenge

Architects and Engineering firms often have projects that require specialist digital design skills. Often there is only a small number of Digital Design specialists in the office. And when they are not available, the firm needs to hire expensive contractors, bring in a corporate in-house trainer, or worse, experience project delays. Many firms had major concerns with key person risk.

With tight budgets and limited resources, none of these options are ideal.

The Strategy

We met with top-tier Architecture and Engineering firms, finding out their key challenges, goals and objectives. The message was loud and clear: with tight budgets and limited resources, they wanted an on-demand staff training solution that was online, fast and affordable.

"We need it to be fast!"

Existing online training solutions were frustrating to firms. The online tutorials were slow and clunky which lead to user frustration. In-person training was expensive and took the staff “out of the field” for too long.

Rapid Learning Methodology

After 10 years of academic and industry experience, IDDA’s proprietary Rapid Learning Methodology was developed to satisfy the training needs of Architects and Engineers. Rapid Learning Methodology consists of Micro-Learning lessons, concise hints and tips and regular comprehension tests.

Live Expert Chat

Architects and Engineers had nowhere to turn when they were confused with the online training. So we added Live Expert Chat functionality gave the firms confidence to engage IDDA experts anytime they were stuck. Live Expert Chat has turned out to be a huge success, and gave staff confidence to ask questions without appearing incompetent.


  • Architecture and Engineering firms are now able to rapidly upskill existing staff to handle new projects.
  • Less requirement to hire expensive consultants or additional staff.
  • Staff are more confident to use digital design programs with rapid learning methodology and access to live expert chat

Posted on 20 Jan 2020

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