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5 Distinct Advantages For Architects Using SketchUp

As an architect you can visualize designs in your mind’s eye.  You can picture exactly what your design will look like when it’s finished.  

Unfortunately, your clients probably don’t have that same skill and so it’s difficult for them to imagine the completed project.

Yes, you can have an in-depth meeting. You can have a field trip to the site followed by a presentation of AutoCAD drawings or even an artist's rendition of the design. The client nods in agreement and the project gets underway.

But a few weeks later your client calls to say he’s at the site… and it isn’t what he pictured!

How can that happen?  

Well, it’s simple. He just didn’t see it like you.

The good news is… you’ll never have to face this problem again. SketchUp holds the answer.

SketchUp is a three-dimensional modelling and rendering software suite, designed with final placements of the project in mind.


Here are some typical examples of Sketchup design models from around the web.






Advantages of SketchUp

  • Advantage 1. It’s easy to draw your design because it’s designed to behave like an extension of your hand.
  • Advantage 2.  Adjust to the lifelike drawings you’ll create fast. That’s because SketchUp is an intuitive, powerful and simple-to-learn 3D drawing tool.
  • Advantage 3. SketchUp allows you to render surfaces in an array of "styles". Pick from a variety of architecture that best suits your design and pleases your client.
  • Advantage 4. SketchUp makes it easy to integrate with software that furnishes additional capabilities. It also supports third-party "plug-in" programs.  
  • Advantage 5. With SketchUp you can place your model within "Google Earth" - right on the actual site!

Summary: SketchUp lets your clients see their projects on the site before it’s built! That’s because it integrates the 3D design model with virtual placement into the major platforms where people expect to see them.



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Posted on 30 Apr 2024

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